Medallion of Ferdinand I

Further details of the sixteenth-century medallion currently featured in the Cathedral Coins exhibition at St John’s Cathedral, Brisbane are now available:

Medallion. Ferdinand I (1556–64), Germany, cast metal, undated but c 1560 CE. OBV: Nativity scene: Infant Jesus in manger, Mary with mandorla, Joseph and magi adoring the Christ Child, while shepherds approach from left, all within a grand basilica structure; ox looking on; below R.BVEND 1578 (engraver). REV: Christ holds cross and gestures to chalice with host at his feet (left) and serpent (right) whose head is being crushed by the cross; EGO SVM VIA ET VERITAS NEMO VENIT AD PATREM NISI PER ME (I am the way and the truth … no one comes to the Father but through me). Löbbecke III, 295.

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