Romulus and Remus (again)

Among some recent additions to the CCCRH collection was another coin featuring Rome’s foundational myth of Romulus and Remus.

CCCRH 3028

Unlike most coins with this motif, rather than focus on the mother wolf and twin boys, this example tells more of the story with the kindly shepherd standing to left and bird in the fog tree behind the mother wolf.

Here is the description of this coin from our online gallery:

Roman Republic, silver denarius. OBV: helmeted Roma to right. REV: she-wolf standing right with head to left, suckling Romulus & Remus, fig tree with birds in background, with standing figure (Faustulus the shepherd) at left facing right; FOSTLVS to left; [SEX POM] off the flan to r.; [ROMA] in exergue. MINT: Rome. DATE: 137 BCE.

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