Christ is risen

The Cathedral Coins exhibition at St John’s Anglican Cathedral in Brisbane has over 100 coins on permanent display, as well as two spaces for special displays featuring selected items.

During Lent, those featured display areas were used to showcase a set of first-century Roman nails as well as an iron spear.

As we move into the Great Fifty Days of Easter, these featured displays have been updated with items that celebrate the resurrection of Christ.

The first is a silver medallion made in Germany in 1578. It is 57 mm in diameter. It shows Christ holding the Cross and gesturing towards the bread and wine at his feet. The Latin words mean “I am the way and the truth. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

The other item is a bronze icon made in Russia about 1800. Although only 10 cm square it shows in great detail Christ descended to the dead where he pulls saints out of the mouth of a monster (Jonah’s whale). The saints ascend to be with Christ in heaven.

The Cathedral Coins are on permanent display and admission is free whenever the Cathedral is open for visitors, including before and after services.

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