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Medallion of Ferdinand I

gregoryjenks | 2 May 2022
Further details of the sixteenth-century medallion currently featured in the Cathedral Coins exhibition at St John’s Cathedral, Brisbane are now…

Christ is risen

gregoryjenks | 28 Apr 2022
The Cathedral Coins exhibition at St John’s Anglican Cathedral in Brisbane has over 100 coins on permanent display, as well…

Septimus Severus coin

gregoryjenks | 13 Jan 2022
The Foundation has recently acquired a large bronze coin issued by the Roman emperor, Septimus Severus (193–211 CE). This has…

Early missionary societies

gregoryjenks | 18 Nov 2021
The Anglican Focus magazine of the Anglican Church Southern Queensland has recently published an essay by CCCRH researcher, Dr Peter…

Travelling exhibitions

gregoryjenks | 1 Feb 2019
The Centre for Coins, Culture and Religious History has several curated sets of historical material that are available for loan to…

Albert Schweitzer on the Road

gregoryjenks | 23 Apr 2018
Albert Schweitzer is not such a familiar name among younger people these days, but the students at Emmaus College at Jimboomba…

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