According to the NT Gospels, Jesus was from the previously unknown village of Nazareth in the lower Galilee. Just a few km away was the royal city of Sepphoris, which is not once mentioned in the New Testament.


The coins recovered from various excavation sites in and around Nazareth combine with other archaeological finds to help us assess the character Jesus' hometown.

Looking for the Nazareth of Jesus

Looking for the Nazareth of Jesus – Presentation by Dr Gregory C. Jenks to a professional development program for religious educators from Anglican schools in Brisbane (12 February 2021).


Gregory C. Jenks, “The quest for the historical Nazareth.” In Bethsaida in Archaeology, History, and Ancient Culture. A Festschrift in Honor of John T. Greene, edited by J. Harold Ellens, 252–67. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2014.


CCCRH will publish additional studies here relating to the coins and other historical artefacts relevant to Nazareth



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