The research and teaching activities of the CCCRH Foundation are based on a substantial collection of coins and other artefacts, including icons, manuscripts, and other documents donated by an anonymous benefactor. The collection currently consists of approximately 3,000 coins together with around 375 medals, medallions and tokens. In addition, there are smaller sets of relevant objects including seals (bullae), figurines, ceramics, oil lamps, manuscripts, books and icons. This rich set of materials is augmented by an extensive set of numismatic reference works and related historical literature.

CCCRH ONLINE: View all of the coins and some of the other items in our online gallery. As photographs become available, the records for each item are edited to include brief descriptions, references to relevant literature, comments on biblical allusions and notes about religious (and general) history.


For further information

  • EXHIBITIONS – about collections available for local exhibition and display
  • EDUCATION – collections available for borrowing by teachers and clergy

Recent additions can be seen in a specially curated online gallery. Items featured here have either recently been acquired by the Foundation or their descriptions have recently been significantly updated. This whole collection has a particular focus on artefacts relevant to the origins, history and influence of Christianity in world culture. It also includes material relating to classical religion, Judaism and Islam. This constitutes a substantial research and teaching asset in the fields of cultural studies, numismatics, and religion.

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