We are publishing the entire collection online for access by teachers and students, faith leaders and faith communities, researchers and the general public.

The full inventory is available in grid (spreadsheet) format as well as gallery mode.

In addition various curated subsets of material are available in gallery mode, including: 
all CCCRH coins 
Cathedral Coins 

History of Coins

coins from various major mints:



Rome 1C

Rome 2C

Rome 3C

Rome 4C&5C


and coins from selected periods such as 


Medieval Books of Hours

We also have galleries for



Military items

Oil Lamps

and the list keeps growing as do the range of items within each gallery.

Recent additions can be seen in a specially curated online gallery. Items featured here have either recently been acquired by the Foundation or their descriptions have recently been significantly updated.

Video introduction to the online galleries for selected resources from the collection of the CCCRH Foundation. Discover how to preview available exhibitions and teaching kits before you request them for your school or parish.

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