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Three new articles

gregoryjenks | 23 Nov 2021
Three recent articles published in the Australasian Coin and Banknote Magazine have just been added to the CCCRH archives: October…

Early missionary societies

gregoryjenks | 18 Nov 2021
The Anglican Focus magazine of the Anglican Church Southern Queensland has recently published an essay by CCCRH researcher, Dr Peter…

Open Art Images

gregoryjenks | 9 Oct 2021
The website Open Art Images offers a broad scope of images including many images on Islamic Art. These images can be used…

Hill Museum & Manuscript Library

gregoryjenks | 7 Oct 2021
HMML Authority File (HAF) is an open access database that shares lists of authorities used in HMML’s Reading Room and…

Islamic Manuscripts

gregoryjenks | 13 Aug 2021
The Foundation has recently acquired a number of Islamic manuscripts. These beautifully decorated texts are part of the Islamic Coins…

New coin articles uploaded

gregoryjenks | 1 Aug 2021
Three additional articles recently published in the Australasian Coin & Banknote Magazine have now been added to the CCCRH site:…

Three new coin studies

gregoryjenks | 27 May 2021
The following coin reports have recently been added to the CCCRH site, having been originally published in the Australasian Coins…

IACB: Iron Age Coins in Britain

gregoryjenks | 26 Mar 2021
Ancient British Coins (ABC) is the most comprehensive reference book for the typology of the Iron Age coins of Britain. ABC…

Three new articles posted

gregoryjenks | 17 Sep 2020
Three recent articles by CCCRH Research Associate, Dr Peter Lewis, in the Australasian Coin and Banknote magazine have been added…

MK Berlin fully linked to Antigonid Coins Online

gregoryjenks | 15 Aug 2020
Online tools for numismatic research just keep getting better. Now Karsten Dahmen at the Münzkabinett Berlin has fully catalogued all…

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