IACB: Iron Age Coins in Britain

Ancient British Coins (ABC) is the most comprehensive reference book for the typology of the Iron Age coins of Britain. ABC catalogues 999 types of coins found in Britain from around the early to mid-2nd century BC through the 1st century AD. The earliest issues were imported to Britain from the Continent, but they were shortly thereafter minted locally, remaining in circulation even after Roman occupation.

Iron Age Coins in Britain (IACB) is now available as a digital research tool that provides access to an edited ABC online. IACB is made possible by stable numismatic identifiers and linked open data methodologies established by the Nomisma.org project. IACB is built on the numbering system created by the Ancient British Coins (ABC) series published in 2010 (available to purchase here). On the IACB website, some aspects of this typology have been changed (e.g. descriptions, spellings), therefore this website is not the responsibility of the publishers of ABC.

Details about the fields and their data are given on the IACB Info page.

Details about the digitisation project are given on the site’s About page.

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