Seleucid Monograms published to SCO

Seleucid monogramsEthan Gruber, the Web Services Developer for the American Numismatic Society, has published around 1,300 monograms appearing on the coinage of Seleucus I through Antiochus III (Houghton, Lorber, and Hoover’s Seleucid Coins, Part 1) to the Seleucid Coins Online (SCO) project. These monograms are linked to thousands of types and subtypes.

According to Gruber, where the SCO monograms differ from the previous projects is that monograms have been organized hierarchically by Oliver Hoover. Unlike in PELLA and PCO, where a monogram usually has one SVG file (but may have more than one to illustrate slight variations in style), the Seleucid monograms have been grouped thematically by letters and general design motif.

More details on the Numishare site …

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