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Seleucid Coins Online update

gregoryjenks | 2 Nov 2018
Seleucid Coins Online is [mostly] complete and published From the Numishare blog … After a few months of continuous work…

American Numismatic Society Publications Online

gregoryjenks | 16 Oct 2018
From AWOL, the Ancient World Online service: 540 American Numismatic Society publications are now available in the Hathi Trust Digital…

Four additional coin studies

gregoryjenks | 9 Jun 2018
The following coin studies, originally published in the Australasian Coin and Banknote Magazine have now been added to our online…

Albert Schweitzer on the Road

gregoryjenks | 23 Apr 2018
Albert Schweitzer is not such a familiar name among younger people these days, but the students at Emmaus College at Jimboomba…

American Numismatic Society eBooks

gregoryjenks | 9 Apr 2018
Over its 150-year history, the American Numismatic Society has published hundreds of monographs. Many of these were scanned by the…

Just in Time for Passover

gregoryjenks | 26 Mar 2018
Just in Time for Passover: Dozens of “Freedom Coins” from Jewish Revolt against Rome (66-70 C.E.) discovered in Cave near…

Reformation @ Grafton

gregoryjenks | 5 Feb 2018
The CCCRH travelling exhibition developed to mark the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation in Europe has now moved to…

Seleucid Coins Online (SCO)

gregoryjenks | 22 Dec 2017
As a component of the National Endowment of the Humanities funded Hellenistic Royal Coinages project, Seleucid Coins Online (SCO) is…

20,000+ Roman Republican coins added to CRRO

gregoryjenks | 22 Dec 2017
In a watershed moment for Roman Republican numismatics, 20,237 coins with high-resolution IIIF images from the Bibliothèque nationale de France…

Whose head is on the coin?

gregoryjenks | 14 May 2017
The coin that appears in the famous incident when Jesus is challenged about paying taxes to the Roman authorities (Mark…

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