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Corpus Nummorum Online

gregoryjenks | 30 Jul 2020
Corpus Nummorum Online is a web portal devoted to the ancient coins of lower Moesia, Thrace, Mysia and the Troad.…

126 BnF coins integrated into Antigonid Coins Online

gregoryjenks | 30 Jul 2020
One hundred twenty-six coins from the Bibliothèque nationale de France, recently cataloged by Julien Olivier, have been incorporated into the…

CCCRH Online

gregoryjenks | 2 Jul 2020
We are preparing to move our database of coins and other artefacts online and you can get a sneak preview…

Seleucid Monograms published to SCO

gregoryjenks | 20 Jun 2020
Ethan Gruber, the Web Services Developer for the American Numismatic Society, has published around 1,300 monograms appearing on the coinage…

The denarius in Mark 12:15

gregoryjenks | 1 Jun 2020
A short article by CCCRH researcher, Dr Peter Lewis, on the identification of the coin mentioned in Mark 12:15 has…

Bronze types from Ptolemy I – IV published to PCO

gregoryjenks | 28 Apr 2020
  News report from Numishare: More than 500 bronze coin types from Catharine Lorber’s Coins of the Ptolemaic Empire Vol.…

Checklist of Islamic Coins – PDF

gregoryjenks | 26 Apr 2020
The third edition (2011) of Stephen Album, Checklist of Islamic Coins, has now been made available from his website as…

Four new AC&BM articles

gregoryjenks | 26 Apr 2020
Four new articles by Dr Peter Lewis have been added to our publications archive: April 2020 – The Coins of…

Coin Hoards of the Roman Empire

gregoryjenks | 17 Apr 2020
The Coin Hoards of the Roman Empire Project is a joint initiative of the Ashmolean Museum and the Oxford Roman…

PELLA: Philip II Gold and Silver Coins

gregoryjenks | 13 Apr 2020
After considerable effort by ANS curator Peter van Alfen, the gold and silver coin types of Philip II of Macedon…

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