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Silver tetradrachm of Tiberius

Gregory C. Jenks | 27 Feb 2023
The Centre for Coins, Culture and Religious History has recently acquired a rare silver tetradrachm issued during the reign of…

Final CAB articles now available

Gregory C. Jenks | 2 Jan 2023
The Australasian Coin and Banknote Magazine ceased publication in November 2022. The masthead has since been acquired by Imperial Group…

Royal Portraits

Gregory C. Jenks | 4 Jun 2022
As part of the Jubilee celebration for Elizabeth II, The Age newspaper has published a beautifully illustrated story of portraits…

Render unto Caesar

Gregory C. Jenks | 26 Mar 2022
A brief 5m 30s trailer has been released to promote the publication on 29 March of a new book by…

Roman nail and spear

Gregory C. Jenks | 21 Mar 2022
The selection of artefacts on display as part of the Cathedral Coins exhibition at St John’s Cathedral, Brisbane has recently…

Early missionary societies

Gregory C. Jenks | 18 Nov 2021
The Anglican Focus magazine of the Anglican Church Southern Queensland has recently published an essay by CCCRH researcher, Dr Peter…

London Polyglot

Gregory C. Jenks | 21 Aug 2021
One of the many delights in my role as the Executive Director for the CCCRH Foundation is to see with…

Albert Schweitzer on the Road

Gregory C. Jenks | 23 Apr 2018
Albert Schweitzer is not such a familiar name among younger people these days, but the students at Emmaus College at Jimboomba…

American Numismatic Society eBooks

Gregory C. Jenks | 9 Apr 2018
Over its 150-year history, the American Numismatic Society has published hundreds of monographs. Many of these were scanned by the…

Why “Isaiah” of the Isaiah Bulla is not the Prophet Isaiah

Gregory C. Jenks | 26 Feb 2018
A timely and informed comment on the alleged “Isaiah” seal from the recovery excavations being undertaken in East Jerusalem by…

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