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29 May 2020 • Religious Educators Seminar

Digging for wisdom: Archaeology as a resource in the religion class

The first archaeologists were little more than treasures hunters. Think Indiana Jones. During the past 100 years archaeology has matured to become a multi-disciplinary research project seeking to understand the past rather than acquire marvellous objects for the collections of Western imperial powers. Properly used, archaeology can enrich the religion class and contribute to the quest for spiritual wisdom.

Presenter: Dr Greg Jenks is Dean of Grafton Cathedral and a co-director of the Bethsaida Archaeology Project in Israel. His primary research interests are Nazareth in the first century and the coins from Bethsaida. Dr Jenks is also the Director of the Centre for Coins, Culture and Religious History, based at St John’s Cathedral in Brisbane.

Venue: Old Bishopsbourne, St Francis Theological College, Brisbane

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