History in their hands

Now you can offer your students a chance to see and to touch authentic historical materials from the ancient world as well the medieval and modern periods, as part of their learning experience.

Whether you are working with formal classes in a school or a Christian education class in a local church, mosque, synagogue or temple, CCCRH materials can be borrowed to provide your participants with a tangible experience of the past. They can hold history in their hands.

The CCCRH collection includes coins, icons, manuscripts, medallions, printed books and other objects that contribute to our understanding of religious history. The collection has a focus on biblical texts and the history of Christianity in Europe, but also has some items from other religions and other regions.

CCCRH has published a helpful guide to creating a Numismatic Kit for RE Teachers, prepared by CCCRH researcher, Dr Peter Lewis. This guide first appeared as an article in the October 2019 issue of the Australasian Coin & Banknote Magazine (vol 22/9, 52–56).

We are now developing an online inventory of CCCRH materials, and you can check on our progress here. You can get some idea of what may be available for loan from the mobile exhibition collections.


In addition, we will publish sets of resources around particular learning units, beginning with work units from the religious education program at Clarence Valley Anglican School. Currently available resource sets include:



For further information about short term loans of items from the CCCRH collection for use with your students, please contact us on the form below.

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