OZeAN: online numismatic journal

OZeAN: Online Zeitschrift zur Antiken Numismatik, is a new numismatic journal that publishes scientific essays, material templates and reports on novel possibilities for the collection and recording of materials.

The first volume (published: 2019-08-29) has these three studies:

The Hieromykes on a new coin type of Dion in the Decapolis and the Stygian riverscape of Southern Syria Achim Lichtenberger, 1-10

Münzversorgung von Haltern und Kalkriese – eine Diskussion Ulrich Werz, 11-20

Identifizierung von Münzen anhand eines digitalen Fingerabdrucks Erik Trostmann, Veit Dresely, and Anika Tauschensky, 21-26

Communication and scientific exchange is now taking place digitally and increasingly online. The number of museums and scientific institutions that keep their stocks online is growing daily.

In recent years, a number of new numismatic journals have been established, which are also available online, but they are still pure print media in terms of character. For example, most of the articles lack direct links to national and international projects using Linked Open Data.

Similarly, many publications often miss the integration of 3D graphics and high resolution photos and audio and video documents are often missing. For coin stamp testing, 3D scans are increasingly used to allow even to enlarge details and viewed from all sides. Minting technology experiments can be displayed in online media for better understanding with short films. The sound documents can, for example, illustrate the different sounds of cast and coins.

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